Jordan Cooper Assignment #3

Jordan Cooper Assignment #3 - Cooper 1 Jordan Cooper March...

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Cooper 1 Jordan Cooper March 7, 2011 Eric York English 250, HQ Word Count: 1101 Rhetorical Techniques in “God’s Justice and Ours” When Antonin Scalia’s essay “God’s Justice and Ours” was published in First Things: The Journal of Religion and Public Life, he was writing to evaluate the morality and the constitutionality of the death penalty. The death penalty has always been a controversial topic, and having a Supreme Court Justice voice his opinion on it helped to clear up the legal system’s view of the death penalty as well. Scalia uses his entire essay, “God’s Justice and Ours”, to explain his opinion on the morality of the death penalty. While making his argument, he uses an authoritative tone associated with being a Supreme Court Justice along with a clever organization of his argument to convince us to agree that the death penalty not immoral, but is also constitutional. Scalia opens up his essay with essentially a disclaimer saying, “I want to make clear that my views on the subject have nothing to do with how I vote” (Scalia 881). He then discusses the philosophy of the Constitution being a “living document” as well as some of the background information on the death penalty itself. Also, he talks about his part in the “machinery of death” that is the justice system when dealing with the death penalty in the sense that they are the final step before execution in some cases. Furthermore, he talks about how it is a judge’s responsibility to strictly enact the laws, and not replace them with his own interpretation of the law. Next, he touches on the other types of cases the Supreme Court must deal with, and how they differ from capital punishment situations. By using his knowledge as a Roman Catholic, he
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Jordan Cooper Assignment #3 - Cooper 1 Jordan Cooper March...

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