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Cooper 1 I think that rhetorical analysis serves a purpose in every English course in the sense that it is a necessary skill to be a good writer and consumer of written materials. However, rhetorical analysis is not an easy task by any means, but it requires a lot of practice to fully analyze a written piece well. Regardless of ability though, each person must do the assignment as well as they can. For this second assignment, I don’t feel that I did as well as I did on the first one because, while I have experience with rhetorical analysis, it has never been my strongest ability. Yet, my analysis of Scalia’s article on the death penalty has increased by understanding of the article as a whole. That is what analysis is for, to show that you have fully understood the article as well as what devices it uses to convey its main points. Based on the article as a whole, I think that I did a good job in picking out a majority of the devices that Scalia uses to deliver his opinion to the reader. Also, I think that the outline of
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