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COURSE: EMA 4666C Title: Polymer Processing Catalog Description: Credits: 4 Major processing methods for polymers and polymeric composites as related to the rheological behavior of these systems. Synthesis of polymers via industrial processes. Prerequisites: EMA 3066 Instructor: Dr. A.B. Brennan Office: 317D MAE Telephone 392-6281 (o) 378-6049 (h) Email [email protected] Office hours: Mon - Period 2/Thur - Period 2/By Appointment Website: http://brennan.mse.ufl.edu/ema4666c.htm MSE Dept. Chairman: Dr. K. Jones 100 Rhines 846-3301 Text: Polymer Processing Fundamentals by Tim A. Osswald, Hansen Online Resources: http://brennan.mse.ufl.edu/ema4666c.htm . Software Requirements: NA. Course Objectives and Outcomes: Purpose : The Polymer Processing course is intended to consolidate the engineering fundamentals in a single laboratory focused course. The student is expected to extend the basics into advanced concepts for polymer structure-property behavior as dictated by processing methodologies. The course should provide
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This note was uploaded on 09/18/2011 for the course EMA 4666c taught by Professor Brennan during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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ABET_Syllabus_EMA_4666C_Fall_2004 - COURSE: EMA 4666C...

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