Syllabus Template EMA 4666C Fall Brennan

Syllabus Template EMA 4666C Fall Brennan - analysis, design...

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COURSE: EMA 4666C Title: Polymer Processing Catalog Description: Credits: 4 Major processing methods for polymers and polymeric composites as related to the rheological behavior of these systems. Synthesis of polymers via industrial processes. Prerequisites: EMA 3066 Instructor: Dr. Anthony Brennan 317D MAE Office Hours: Mon – Wed Per 4 392-6281 Tue Per 3; Thur Per 6 Text: POLYMER PROCESSING FUNDAMENTALS (1998), Tim A. Osswald, Hanser, ISBN 1-56990-262-3 Online Resources: Software Requirements: Microsoft Excel; C-Mold Mold flow Software Course Objectives and Outcomes: Purpose : The course is designed to educate the student on advanced design concepts, techniques and methodologies for plastics materials. The knowledge is applied to plastics design through in class discussions, homework and a major design project. Outcomes: The expected outcomes are ability to design, analyze, and organize design projects. Topics: Rotational injection molding, compression molding, composites processing, assembly techniques, stress
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Unformatted text preview: analysis, design project management, fatigue analysis, mold flow analysis, project management software, safety factor analysis, cost analysis, societal issues. Class Meetings: 40 50 minute lectures, 3 - 2 hour recitations; 7 3 hour laboratories Basis for Grade: Exams and assigned % of course 60% Homework and assigned % of course grade 5% Design Project 10% Laboratory Experiments and reports 25% Professional Component Content: Math and Basic Science: 20% Engineering Topics Engineering Science 40% Engineering Design 20% General Education 10% Other 10% Relation to Program Outcomes: Outcome Level* % 1. Know fundamentals 3 20 2. Apply fundamentals 3 20 3. Design experiments 1 5 4. Design Materials 2 10 5. Work in teams 3 15 6. Communicate 1 5 7. Issues in practice 3 15 8. Society issues 2 10 Total 100 *Levels of contribution toward attainment of this ability 1 - Touched upon 2 - Significant 3 - Primary...
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Syllabus Template EMA 4666C Fall Brennan - analysis, design...

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