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EMA 6580 - EXAM 2 INSTRUCTIONS: Read the entire exam carefully. Answer every question to the best of your ability, based upon the available information. State all assumptions you use in answers. Section I: Concepts. Answer the following statements with TRUE or FALSE . If the statement is false, state the reason(s). If you believe a statement can be made TRUE by a simple qualifier, then state it clearly. (Normally only a single word change is required.) (12 pts) 1 . Fracture is not a significant complication associated with the Swanson design. 2 . Subluxation is a major complication associated with the “surface articulating designs.” 3 . Graphitic carbon is more durable than pyrocarbon. 4 . Hydroxyapatite prevents the formation of bone. 5 . The MCP design of Team B is a single piece to replace the Swanson implant. 6 . Range of motion for a MCP implant is defined by that of a healthy joint. 1
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ema4760-spring-2010-exam-Team-B - SCIENCE OF BIOMATERIALS-...

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