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EMA_4760_Spring_2010_ABET_Syllabus 1 of 3 EMA 4760 Plastics Design Syllabus Spring 2010, Section 6939 1. Catalog Description EMA 4760 Plastics Design Credits: 3 Design criteria, design approaches, and project management are combined with processing and properties to create polymer based devices. 2. Pre-requisites and Co-requisites EMA 3066 3. Course Objectives a. Use their technical knowledge of structure/property behavior of polymeric based materials science and engineering to understand the as related to processing. b. Design polymer and polymer modified materials within realistic physical constraints. c. Perform and communicate in a professional environment. d. Understand the societal impacts of plastics design. 4. Contribution of course to meeting the professional component (ABET only) a. This course provides 3 credits towards engineering sciences and includes a design component. 5. Relationship of course to program outcomes (ABET only) a. Outcome #1: Ability to apply and integrate technical knowledge of structure/ property behavior of polymeric based materials to solve materials selection and design problems within realistic constraints. (High) i. Design project device ii. Design project materials selection b. Outcome #2: Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility. (Medium) i. Exam question(s) ii. Design project
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EMA_4760_Spring_2010_ABET_Syllabus - EMA 4760 Plastics...

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