Gary J Miller Bio 2010

Gary J Miller Bio 2010 - Miller has held an adjunct...

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Gary J. Miller, Ph.D. is first and foremost a Gator – In his spare time, he was able to create in partnership with Dr. William Petty, Exactech Corporation. Dr. Miller continues to serve as the executive vice president of research since February 2000. Previously he held the positions of vice president of research and development from 1986 until 2000 and director from March 1989 until November 2007. Miller was associate professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and director of research and biomechanics at the University of Florida College of Medicine from July 1986 until August 1996. Miller received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida, his Master of Science (biomechanics) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Doctor of Philosophy in mechanical engineering (biomechanics) from the University of Florida.
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Unformatted text preview: Miller has held an adjunct associate professorship in the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Small Animal Surgical Sciences Division since 1982 and was appointed as an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Aerospace, Mechanics and Engineering Sciences in 1995. He was a consultant to the United States Food and Drug Administration from 1989 to 1992 and has served as a consultant to such companies as Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics, Dow-Corning Wright and Orthogenesis. He is a highly sought individual for lectures around the globe. It is our pleasure and honor to have Dr. Miller accept our invitation today. Information extracted directly from: Exactech Corporate Website.
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Gary J Miller Bio 2010 - Miller has held an adjunct...

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