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Fall 2007 Module 2 International Business Course for MBA – MAIB – MSM – MSF – ECO – FRE – MALAS Students LATIN AMERICAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT LAS 6295 (5676) Tue & Thu 7-8, MAT 120 Terry McCoy, Instructor Latin America is enjoying the fifth year of economic expansion. How much longer will it last? How can businesses take advantage of it? The past two decades have witnessed far reaching changes in the Latin American business environment with the opening formerly closed economies to global competition. But despite the promise of the region’s New Economic Model and the current expansion cycle, some political leaders in the region – led by President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela – are calling for a return to state-directed development. Given its history of economic and political volatility, what does the future hold for Latin America’s business environment? Is it finally on the path of sustained growth or is a major policy paradigm shift in the making under the auspices of the left-leaning governments that have come to power in recent years?
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