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K Geometry FILL IN THE BLANKS: I. A p£ i AA represents a specific location in 9. A set of four or more points not on the " endpoints. is a straight path of points with no _ is a flat surface that continues !0. The 3 undefined terms are f p : A% . P and without end in all directions. -4. ^p3-C£— is the set of all points. 5. Two lines are P 1 ? raJl*.! if they lie in the plane and do not intersect. 6. If two lines intersect to form right angles, they are (These are terms that are described but not formally defined) is a straight path of points with _ is a straight path of points with oneendpoint. u 12. A "SM/r^^A 'O endpoints. 7. Opposite rays form a/an 14. Co II l points are points that are on the _points are points on the same line. _ points are not on the same line. siime plane. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING. If it is a yes or no answer write out the word.
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Unformatted text preview: 19. Are points A, D, and E coplanar? 20. Are points B and E coltinear? 21. Name the intersection of plane R and plane M 22. Name the intersection of line 1 and line t. 23. Do the points A, B, and C determine a plane? 24. Are points D, A, B and E coplanar? tV 0 25. Are points D, B, and Acollinear? fV jj 26. Are points E, B, C, and G noncoplanar? MJ2-27. The intersection of a plane and a line not on the plane is always a/an ft 28. The intersection of two planes is always a/an 29. The intersection of two lines is always a/an 30. Are A, B and C noncollinear? [Vi 0 31. is point C on plane R? >>, 3 ^ y 32. Any line that intersects line I must lie in plane R._ l,*w <,JU^ -tKe-^i* A ^ *4v*) ' , . i (44tW) ^ l*V-t vj bs-y 'i- 00"f^) / &-v ^» Me *' &<* 33. Any line that lies on plane R must intersect line AB._...
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