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Exercise #1 Due BEFORE CLASS on September 7, 2011 Rules: You may use any reference you would like. You are encouraged to help each other, but please write your own answers. Neatness counts (use a clean sheet of paper and make your drawings sufficiently large and your calculations neat). Show all work. Remember, no late work is accepted. Through X-ray diffraction, you determine the unit cell dimensions (in Å) and angular relationships for axes and axial intercepts (in Å) of the following minerals. Clinozoisite: Unit cell: a = 8.98, b = 5.46, c = 10.22; α = γ = 90º, β = 115º24’ Axial intercepts of faces:
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Unformatted text preview: Face A: a = 17.96, b = 2.73, c = 20.44 Face B: a = 4.49, b = 5.46, c = ∞ Zircon: Unit cell: a = 6.60, c = 5.98; α = γ = β = 90º Axial intercepts of faces: Face A : a 1 = 2.20, a 2 = 6.60, c = 11.96 Face B: a 1 = 6.60, a 2 = 6.60, c = 2.99 a) Write down the chemical formula for each mineral. b) To which crystal system do they belong? Why do they belong to those systems? c) Neatly and to scale, draw the crystallographic axes of both minerals. d) The axial intercepts of two crystal faces are given for each mineral (in cm). Calculate the Miller Indices for both faces of both minerals....
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