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Homework #3 - (1 Calculate the speed(or maximum and minimum...

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Exercise #3 Due BEFORE CLASS on September 19, 2011 Rules: You may use any reference you would like, but please use the indices of refraction reported in your book, rather than other sources (including the web). You are encouraged to help each other, but please write your own answers. Remember, no late work is accepted. Please – clearly identify your answers (circle them). - staple your pages together if you have more than one page. Look up the index (or indices) of refraction for the following minerals in the back of your text book a) Halite b) Quartz c) Calcite For each mineral:
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Calculate the speed (or maximum and minimum speeds if more than one) that light can travel through the minerals. Be sure to include units with your number. (2) Calculate the angle of refraction (in degrees) for each index of refraction, assuming that a the wave normal of a single light ray impinges on a flat surface of the mineral at an angle of incidence (i.e., θ i ) of 50º after passing through air, for which n = 1. (3) Derive the critical angle for each index of refraction for the minerals as the light passes from the mineral into air. 1...
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