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Mineralogy_Field_Trip_info_2011 short - MINERALOGY FIELD...

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MINERALOGY FIELD TRIP North Carolina and Georgia September 21 to September 25, 2011 INTRODUCTION As an important part of the class, you are required to participate in a field trip to the region around the common border of Georgia and North Carolina. The field trip will be lead by Dr. Jim Vogl. You will use the department vans to get there and will prepare some of your own meals (breakfast and lunch) and eat out for others (dinners). Expenses will be kept to a minimum, and will depend on the cost of gas, camp fees, food, entrance fees for museums etc. Dr. Vogl or I will give you a better estimate closer to the trip, but in the past these expenses have ranged around $20. You should give that money to your TA’s as soon as possible so that we may reserve campgrounds. Your food will be additional. Everyone in the class is required to go. The trip has several objectives: to provide you with experience of seeing rocks in their native habitat, to let you try to identify minerals in the wild, and to give you a taste of geologic field work (yes - geologists still work in the field!!!). The area contains numerous good exposures of a variety of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. These rocks contain both common and rare minerals, and some may be difficult to
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Mineralogy_Field_Trip_info_2011 short - MINERALOGY FIELD...

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