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ANGELS IN AMERICA "A Gay Fantasia on National Themes" Part One: Millennium Approaches a play by Tony Kushner Directed by Mikell Pinkney Scenic Design by Joanna Sim Costume Design by Brent Foland Lighting by Scott Cally Sound Design by Graham Johnson Production Stage Manager - Nicole Dessin Assistant Stage Managers - Laurie Dinnerstein, Brad Daniels CAST (In order ofappearance) Funeral Attendants Jared Hernandez, Brian Natale Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz Niall McGinty Roy Cohn David Shelton Joe Pitt Stephen Vendette* Roy's Secretary Melonice Lindsey Harper Pitt Melanie Gray Allen* Mr. Lies Darryl Davis* Louis Ironson Neal Utterback* Prior Walter Joe LaRue* A Voice Dana Panepinto* Henry, Roy's doctor James Hamblin Hospital Orderlies Damian Edwards, Jonathan Reiser Emily, a nurse Dana Panepinto* Bar Waiter Jared Hernandez Man in the Park Melvin Huffnagle Second Man in the Park Niall McGinty Belize Darryl Davis* Martin Heller Melvin Huffnagle Restaurant Waiter Jared Hernandez Hannah Pitt, Joe's Mother Celeste Den Ella Chapter, Hannah's realtor and friend Dana Panepinto* Prior's Ancestor I Niall McGinty Prior's Ancestor 2 James Hamblin An Eskimo Stephen Vendette* Homeless Bronx Woman Dana Panepinto* Ethel Rosenberg Celeste Den Angel Dana Panepinto* People ofNew York: Celeste Den, Damian Edwards, James Hamblin, Jared Hernandez, Melvin Huffnagle, Melonice Lindsey, Niall McGinty, Brian Natale, Jonathan Reiser Understudies (understudies only appear when a special announcement is made at the time for performance): for Roy Cohn-James Hamblin! for Joe Pitt-Jared Hernandez! for Prior Walter-Brad Daniell for Louis, Rabbi-Jonathan Reiser/ Belize-Damian Edwards/ for Mr. Lies, Prior 2-Melvin Huffnagle/ for Henry, Martin, Park Man, Prior I-Brian Natalie/ for Harper, Emily, Bronx Woman, Hannah, Angel, Ethel-Melonice Lindsey * Performances in partial fulfillment for the Master of Fine Arts degree
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SYNOPSIS of ACTS and SCENES (This production will be perfonned with one 15 minute intennission) Act One: "Bad News" Scene 1. A funeral service - Oct. 31, 1985 Scene 2. Same day - Roy Cohn's Office Scene 3. Later that day - Harper and Joe's Brooklyn apartment Scene 4. Same day-outside the funeral home Scene 5. Later same day - Harper & Joe's apartment Scene 6. First week ofNov. - Men's room at the New York Court of Appeals Scene 7. A week later - Prior's dream, Harper's hallucination Scene 8. The same night - Harper & Joe's apartment! Prior & Louis' bedroom Scene 9. 3rd week ofNov. - Doctor's office Act Two: "In Vitro" Scene 1. Night, 3rd week in Dec. - Prior's bedroom Scene 2. Same night - Harper & Joe's apartment Scene 3. 1 A.M. next morning - A hospital room Scene 4. An hour later - A straight barf Central Park Rambles Scene 5. 3 days later - Prior's hospital room INTERMISSION Scene 6. 2nd week in Jan., 1986 - A Manhattan restaurant Scene 7. Same afternoon - Steps outside New York Court of Appeals Scene 8. Later that night - A payphone in Central Park! Salt Lake City Scene 9. Early the following morning - Harper and Joe's/ Hospital
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angels_lexicon - A NGELS IN A MERICA A G ay Fantasia on...

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