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CHAPTER SEVEN UNDERSTANDING STYLE: REALISM MATCHING 1. Match each statement with the person whom it best describes. Lillian Hellman::American playwright concerned with characters that recognize but fail to act against injustice August Strindberg::Swedish playwright who wrote “dialogues of cruelty” Arthur Miller::American playwright focused on the need for individuals to take responsibility for their children and for society Anton Chekhov::Russian who wrote plays with self-absorbed characters incapable of action Tennessee Williams::American playwright focused on the impact of a harsh society on fragile characters Henrik Ibsen::Norwegian playwright concerned with the limitations of a tightly structured, hierarchical society Konstantin Stanislavsky::Founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, who developed a style of production to support the new realistic plays MULTIPLE CHOICE 2. Which of the following is not a component of the realistic style of theatre? A. Audience members forget they are in a darkened auditorium and feel transported to the locale of the play. B. The language in realistic plays echoes the language of real life. C. The actors play their parts with the full knowledge that the audience is present. D. It is as if a “fourth wall” has been removed and the audience members are looking in at actual events. Ans: C Page: 198 3. Which of the following is more of a stylistic element in the otherwise realistic play, Joe ? A. The history of slavery and the chain gang B. Heredity and inheritance C. Food is prepared and eaten D. The mythic background Bynam establishes in his story of the shiny man
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