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CHAPTER NINE UNDERSTANDING STYLE: THEATRICALISM MATCHING 1. Match the person with the most appropriate statement about him or her. Samuel Beckett::Author of Waiting For Godot Martha Graham::Modern dance choreographer who composed dance dramas Robert Wilson::Creator of Einstein on the Beach , a work of total theatre Eugene O’Neill::American playwright known for both expressionistic and realistic plays Fritz Lang::Filmmaker of Metropolis Bertolt Brecht::Playwright and director of epic theatre MULTIPLE CHOICE 2. Which of the following was not a factor in the emergence of nonrealistic theatre? A. The increasing destructive weaponry of World War I and World War II B. Religious skepticism increased in the face of the meaningless slaughter of millions C. Changing views of the nature of the universe D. A significant drop in the American population attending venues that provided realistic theatre Ans: D Page: 264 3. Which is another synonymous word for “nonrealistic theatre?” A. Antirealism B. Surrealism C. Expressionism D. Socialism Ans: A Page: 265 4. The production of Apollo , discussed in the textbook, is primarily an example of: A. Realism B. Fantasy C. Non-fiction D. Theatricalism Ans: D Page 265 5. Which of the following is an example of nonrealistic theatre? A. The actors consciously remain in character the entire time they are onstage. B. The mechanics of the theatre are masked and hidden.
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