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April 11 Term: April 11, 2011- June 2011 MONDAY Time Room text course loaded contract masigned Beginner ECOL108 Introduction to Ecology 3-8pm 203 Tongpil 2 anytime PSYC107 Fundamentals of Psychology 9-2pm 204 Shawn Ireland 3 Beginner MBA 505 Numeric Analysis (Section A) (twice/ wk Mon & Wed) 9am-11:30am 202 Erik K 2 Beginner MBA 501 Human Interfaces (Section A) 1pm-6pm 205 Liz Wiebe 2 Middle MBA 503 Marketing Management (Section A) 12pm-5pm 202 Nelida 2 Final MBA 511 Project Management (Section B) 1pm-6pm 206 Eamonn Olacha TUESDAY Beginner MATH101 Foundation Mathematics(twice/ wk Tues & Thurs) 9am-11:30am 202 Erik K 1 Beginner MDCM302 Public Affairs 12-5pm 202 Jim Randall 2 Beginner MBA 549 Business Fundamentals (Section A) 8am-1pm 203 Zarbi 3 Beginner MBA 502 Business Environment (Section A) 2pm-7pm 205 Chris Tabi 2 Beginner MBA 501 Human Interfaces (Section A) 1pm-6pm 203 Liz Wiebe 2 Middle MBA 507 Management Accounting 1pm-6pm 207 James tong 3 Final MBA 504 Strategic Leadership 1pm-6pm
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