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Howling Wolf’s ability to depict deep spaces by overlapping the people or items has taken him beyond the traditional Western style. The colors and decoration he provided was very detailed and gave his pictures balance and symmetry unlike that of the other artist where his was basically pencil. Howling Wolf’s drawings included the smallest details such as the red on the women’s braids, which signified the affections of a Plaines warrior after committing himself to her.
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Unformatted text preview: The other artist only revealed one woman, one who he was deeply fascinated and impressed with even though there were many other women. Howling Wolf on the other hand symbolized a more accurate depiction of how the event was almost completely dominated by women. In my opinion, the other author provided the picture he did due to cultural bias. If the event was mostly women, I am not sure how he would have unintentionally missed that....
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  • Spring '11
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  • English-language films, Howling Wolf, traditional western style, Wolf’s ability, Wolf’s drawings, deep spaces

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