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CW1 2W-CF 1/19/11 Campos, Tyler 1 / 1 Worksheet1 answers: 1. What are three types of values in MATLAB? a. scalar b. vector c. matrix 2. What are three ways to run a ‘script’ file? a. _________________________________________________________________________________ b. ____________________________________________________________________________________ c. ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Files names and directories: what happens: a. None b. Undefined function or variable w1ws ’” appears c. A list of values appears with values of A, B, E, F d. Undefined function or method 'w1' for input arguments of type 'char'. appears e. Error using ==> run at 65 C:\Users\Tyler Campos\Documents\MATLAB\w1 ws.m.m not found. appears 4. Comments : a. None b. None c. Computes values for surface area and volume of a cylinder d. Gives a description of the file I am using ie: Starter program for ENGE 1114 Week 2 e. The details of the CURRENT FOLDER appear to the corresponding file
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