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ECE2984_HW2_Tyler_Campos - Tyler Campos HW2 ECE 2984 1...

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Tyler Campos HW2 ECE 2984 1) Ulysses 2) 2/5 3) 2 days 4) Kristian Birkeland 5) 0.1 seconds 6) Ring Current 7) Spicules are hot jets of plasma that spew out in between supergranules. 8) A hard x-ray is an x-ray within the range of 10-100keV. They are created after electrons are rapidly accelerated by a collapsing magnetic field, then begins to decelerate, then colliding with protons to form hard x-rays. 9) Magnetohydrodynamics combines Maxwell equations (electromagnetic behavior of plasma) and Navier & Stokes equations (fluid behaviors of plasma). 10) An enabling system is any system that allows the satellite of interest to perform certain tasks, receive data, etc. 11) Gyromotion, bounce motion, and drift motion are the three basic motions of charged particles. 12) The Right Hand Rule states that with a slightly closed fist, the thumb is pointed in the direction of the magnetic field and in turn, the fingers will be “curling” in the direction of the electric current.
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