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ENge group project - Mike Dulik [email protected] Chris...

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Mike Dulik; [email protected] Chris Sutherland; [email protected] Patrick Moke; [email protected] Richard Honeycutt; [email protected] Richard Wilson; [email protected] Milestone 1 Instructor: Parhum Delgoshaei 11_W Within our group we have a very diverse background as far as where each member comes from. Each member comes from a very diverse locality. Mike comes from a suburban area in northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. It was a fast developing area, with real-estate prices rocketing every year. Traffic was bad and housing was spacious. Chris comes from a very slow-developing, rural area in southwest Virginia where coal is a big industry. There is a lot of farmland and a low population. Everybody in the town knows one another and news travels fast. It is a very low-key area. Patrick is from New Jersey and comes from a quiet town that is very close to Philadelphia and New York City. It is very fast-paced and the area around the town is very built up. Rick H. also comes from southwest Virginia, where the nearest city is an hour away. Ricky W. comes from South America, where he never really lived in any one area. He grew up in Peru, Chile and Bolivia, where he lived in the capital cities. Each city was very built up with a lot of poverty and crime. His house in each country was located in a gated community, separating him from the local terrorists in each city. In northern Virginia, Mike was in public as well as private schools. This allowed him to experience a large and small classroom environment and the advantages and disadvantages
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ENge group project - Mike Dulik [email protected] Chris...

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