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Explorations Of Our Digital Future Spring 2007 Patent Search Homework Written by Jeremy Garrett, Edited by Tom Walker, Copyrighted Feb. 2006 – Feb. 2007 Simply point your browser to: www.uspto.gov . The click on search (in the left-hand column). Then click on “quick search” on the left-hand side of the screen, under the column titled “Issued Patents (PatFT).” Start by entering one of your names (first, middle, or last, etc.) into the top text entry block, and select “inventor” in the top most selection box, and then hit enter or click “search.” If no results are found, try a different part of your name, or if that doesn’t work, use a friends name or your instructor’s name. Then choose one of the various patents that appear. For your report, record (copy & paste?) the name of the patent, the name of the inventor, and the abstract. Then submit your results either by uploading it to Blackboard, no later than the date and time specified by your instructor. Here is an example of a patent that I chose to read about:
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Unformatted text preview: Inventor: Garrett; James Gordon (66 Glenwood Dr., Greenwich, Fairfield County, CT 06830) Title: Multiple-person buying information system with application to on-line merchandizing Abstract: Techniques for implementing a computer-implemented, multi-party merchandizing service. This service engenders a buying experience that parallels the best aspects of an "in-store" buying experience, but engenders other aspects which can be advantageously provided by a computer system, such as the shopper being able to prepare a list of multiple third parties for whom the shopper desires to purchase selected items. In effect, this list "tags along" with the shopper as the shopper completes an automated search for items to purchase. Then, the shopper can associate a selected item located during the search with individual names on the list, and then initiate an order-fulfillment activity to complete the shopping experience....
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