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Explorations Of Our Digital Future Spring 2007 Lab 8 -- Lab Warm-Up Worksheet Copyrighted by: Jeremy Garrett and Tom Walker Feb. 2006 – Jan. 2007 Read the following background information. Review Lab 1 Read Chapter 2 in the text (pages 33 – 101) Read Section 5.2 (on pages 252-265). Answer the questions at the end of this document. Download (from the Blackboard website): "Sythn_Music_Box_Note_1.wav" and "Sythn_Music_Box_Note_2.wav" "Synth_Flute_Note_1.wav" and "Synth_Piano_Note_2.wav" and "AmpSpec.m" Read this entire document before beginning the lab. Verify that your notebook computer has a built-in microphone (the Windows Microphone document written by a former student and located in the Help Files section is appropriate if you need help), or borrow (or purchase) one if necessary. Record your answers in the form provided on our Blackboard site. In the previous lab, and its warm-up, we learned (or at least reviewed) what a digital sample was and how we could use them to create a variety of interesting sounds. In this lab warm-up we will explore more about the Nyquist Sampling Rate Theorem, and how an inadequate sampling rate results in aliasing and beat frequencies. As shown in the following graph, a square wave can be created for any sine wave, such that the top of the square wave lines up with the tops of the sine wave's curves and such that the bottom of the square wave lines up with the bottoms of the sine wave's curves. In such a situation, the square wave needs exactly two samples (one at the top and one at the bottom) for each full analog wave – and thus the square wave must have twice as many samples per unit of time as there are total waves in that amount of time – and that is the Nyquist Theorem.
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