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Final Presentation Grade Sheet Team Name and Number: Start Time: Stop Time: Team Members: 1._____________________________2._____________________________3._____________________________ 4._____________________________5._____________________________6._____________________________ Number of Points Available: Question: Points Lost 0.5 Did everyone arrive early? 0.5 Is everyone dressed appropriately? (If not, how many, and how badly?) 0.5 Does the presentation begin with a proper title page? Were the following milestone topics covered? 0.5 Diversity / Strength 0.5 0.5 Product Decomposition / Behavior 0.5 Summary of Survey Questions 0.5 Summary of Required Metrics 0.5 Benchmarks 0.5 COTS 0.5 Variations 0.5 Why They Kept That/Those Variation(s) 0.5 Engineering Ethics
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Unformatted text preview: 0.5 Product Visuals 1 Did each member of the team talk at least a little? 1 Was the amount of text on each slide appropriate? (Too much, or too little? What portion of the slides were incorrect?) 1 Was each person clear and loud enough? (If not, how badly / how often?) 1 Did they use slides correctly? (Or did they simply read their slides?) 1 Did each member behave appropriately? (other than by being nervous) 1 Was the number of slides between 10 and 15 as instructed? 1 Was the length of the presentation approximately 10 minutes, plus Q&A, as instructed? 0.5 Was the product visualization adequate to describe the product? 0.5 Were the product visuals unique and truly original? or did they simply copy someone else’s picture? Other Comments:...
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