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Explorations Of Our Digital Future Summer 2006 Lab 11 Warm-Up Copyright by: Jeremy Garrett and Tom Walker, July 6, 2006 To prepare for this week’s lab, do the following: Read: pages 305-315 and “A Simple Method of Error Detection: Parity” (332-334) Download the four required images from Blackboard, and select one of them to use during your lab. Answer the following questions. Read the entire lab before class begins. 1. In order to play a compressed movie ________. A) your computer does not have to work any harder than it would to play a non-compressed movie. B) your computer has to work somewhat harder, because it first has to convert the file into an actual movie, and then play that new movie file. 2. Which of the following statements is true? A) JPG’s display quickly because they are uncompressed images, and can thus be displayed directly and instantly. B) JPG’s actually only display quickly on computers that were built in the last few years, and actually were slow to display on old computers, because the older computers could not convert the compressed data back into an actual picture nearly as quickly as the computers of today. C) Although JPG’s appear to open almost instantly, they do not actually open as fast as some other formats, because JPG files must first be turned back into an actual picture file before they can be displayed. D) both B & C E) all of the above F) none of the above
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