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Virginia Tech, Department of Engineering Education Page 1 of 6 Fall 2006 - EngE 1024 (Knott) ePortfolio Assignment: Your Learning Portfolio Through this assignment you will explore the Virginia Tech ePortfolio System (VTeP), add information to your personal ePortfolio, and create a presentation from your ePortfolio. You will use your ePortfolio to document your progress in your first year in the engineering program, and perhaps throughout your academic career at VT. I. Go to http://eportfolio.vt.edu Notice the items in the News and Update block. You may find the Updated ePortfolio Getting Started Guide (PDF) helpful for figuring out how to use ePortfolio. The two sections Visit our Updated and Expanded list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and New Documentation: ePortfolio Problems and Solutions are helpful when you experience a problem. II. Log into your VTeP account. Use your VT PID and password to access your VTeP account. The location of the login is circled in the figure above. Within VTeP there are three primary operations, entering information, selecting and sharing information with others, and viewing information from others that has been shared with you. The menu at the left of the window provides access to these operations from anywhere within ePortfolio. Please note that you should use the navigation provided within ePortfolio and avoid using the browser’s back or forward arrows for navigation.
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