Every day there are between 9000

Every day there are between 9000 - Every day there are...

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Every day there are between 9000-12000 inbound, outbound, or intercontinental flights in the air at a time. Whether they are training Piper Club planes or any of the largest airliners today, someone has to keep them all in check. Definitely a career with great responsibility, an air traffic controller is the watcher of the skies. The United States has the largest and safest aviation system in the world and that means to qualify past FAA school, a lot is demanded. Most of all air traffic controllers are people with military background, graduates from FAA school, or just someone who wants to work in the aviation business. Only the people who really want this job, receive it. The air traffic control system is a large organized network of personnel and equipment who provide assistance for safe private and commercial aviation operation. By the use of designated airspaces and flight plans and patterns, air traffic can be regulated safely and efficiently. The typical air traffic controller resides in the tower at most airports. By using equipment as
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