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Explorations Of Our Digital Future Spring 2006 How to Make Your Own MatLab Graph Auto-Labeler Written by: Jeremy Garrett Based on a great idea from a previous student, we will be using a MatLab function that “automatically” titles and labels our MatLab graphs quickly and efficiently. Within any given lab, most of the graphs/plots will be fairly similar to each other, and as a result, this function can simply be run over and over again with only a very small amount of time and a very small amount of typing. In order to make this MatLab graph auto-labeler, please do the following: 1. Once MatLab is open, click "New / M-File". 2. Copy and paste the following into the new window that just appeared: function LabelGraph(‘Chris Sutherland’, Main_Title, x_axis, y_axis) %This function will set the Title %and horizontal and vertical axis labels %to match the inputs provided by the user Current_Date=date; Main_Title_2=[Student_Name,' ',Main_Title,' ',Current_Date]; title(Main_Title_2); xlabel(x_axis);
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How_to_Make_Your_Own_MatLab_Graph_Auto_Labeler_Version3 -...

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