Hw6p2 - Diameter Height Surface Area Volume\n fprintf%s%s%s/2%s^3\n,u,u,u,u for a = 1:1:n fprintf'.2f .2f .2f .2f\n d(a h(a SA(a V(a end

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TSA = 0; TV = 0; a = 0; b = 0; c = 0; c n = input('Number of cones: '); u = input('Units of cone: ','s'); for c = 1:1:n; d(c)= input('Enter the diameter: '); h(c)= input('Enter the height: '); [ SA(c), V(c) ] = hw6q1(h(c), d(c)); end for b = 1:1:n; TSA = TSA+SA(b); TV = TV + V(b); end AVGSA = TSA/n; AVGV = TV/n; fprintf('
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Unformatted text preview: Diameter Height Surface Area Volume\n'); fprintf(' %s %s %s/2 %s^3\n',u,u,u,u); for a = 1:1:n; fprintf('%11.2f %14.2f %15.2f %16.2f\n', d(a), h(a), SA(a), V(a)); end fprintf('Average surface area of the cones is: %.2f\n',AVGSA); fprintf('Average volume of the cones is: %.2f\n', AVGV);...
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