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hw9p1 - submit a screen capture of the drawing print the...

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1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 A A B B SHEET 1 OF 1 DRAWN CHECKED QA MFG APPROVED Tyler Campos 3/23/2011 DWG NO hw9p1 TITLE SIZE B SCALE REV 2.00 1.00 P .25 R.25 1.50 3.00 P .75 .25 .25 .25 .25 .75 .75 R.75 Virginia Tech 1. Rounds & Fillets: R.25 14W-CF 3/23/2011 HW9 Campos, Tyler 1/3 Scholar HW9: Problem 1 Problem Statement: The multivew drawing created in Chapter 9 (page 9-32). Do NOT
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Unformatted text preview: submit a screen capture of the drawing; print the drawing to a PDF file. Use the text tool in INVENTOR to add the header, problem ID, and Problem statement across the top of the drawing before printing. Use the "best fit" print option in the print window....
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