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Lit Narrative Final - T yler Campos 2:00 P.M. Cover L i...

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Tyler Campos 2:00 P.M. Cover Literacy Narrative Born to Write? Growing up, no one really sits back as a child or fantasizes about being a writer. Most of the time it’s “I want to be a superhero!” or “I want to be a doctor just like Dad!” I would be lying if I told you I was different than any other toddler. I went on, after living in a poverty-stricken area, to go to a private school in Northern Virginia. There I learned to read and write slightly earlier than most. Instead of skipping a year of school, I took an extra year of preschool. I would keep journals, write a few paragraphs or so, and do a few projects. Literacy was just starting for me. The private school I attended went up through second grade. After learning such basics of writing, I learned the art of the essay when I began to attend public school. Just like any other student, I wrote essays and did projects and small write- ups, but it was mostly review due to the fact I had learned the content already. It wasn’t until I hit middle school when my writing really took off. In my freshman year of high school, I kicked off writing with a science fair write-up. Following closely after, I wrote to English research papers. The all too infamous MLA formats
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Lit Narrative Final - T yler Campos 2:00 P.M. Cover L i...

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