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literacy event final - Campos 1 Tyler Campos Cover English...

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Campos 1 Tyler Campos Cover English 1105 September 23 rd , 2009 Final Draft A Necessary Read When someone hears the word “literacy” they think of nothing but the ability to read and comprehend written and spoken material. Well, they are only half correct. Literacy can also be seen as dexterity of doing tasks. Whether is tying your shoes or playing a sport, literacy can be seen as skill in physical movements. It can also be seen as skill (in general), enlightenment, and many others. However, when it comes down to it, only two types of literacy have the biggest impact in society. Speaking and reading are two of the most critical forms and will most likely always will be. At my former high school, Broad Run High School, we adopted a reading program that has attributed to a very successful academic record at Broad Run High School. At the beginning of the 2004-2005 school year, a fifteen minute reading program was introduced in Period 6. This was an effort to create a more literate Broad Run. In this paper, I will introduce the Spartan Read program and how it has attributed to the school’s success, introduced culture, and also give students reactions. In the 2003-2004 school year, a new idea was adopted from a neighboring high school that would eventually make all of Loudoun County High Schools rethink their period planning. Stone Bridge High School introduced the “Flex Period” a couple years earlier and it was a pretty impressive idea. Loudoun County middle schools and high schools were operated in periods with 4 periods per day and 7 periods overall. The periods would alternate, but with 7 classes there was a free period of time that could be worked with. Flex was introduced as primarily a
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Campos 2 way to get students to communicate with their teachers and walk around to get help if needed. Flex was two half period squeezed in to fit a full period. The class choices were on a specific routine and allowed a good mix of class time for students to meet with teachers. Most students and faculty believed it was a great idea and it is still working out nicely. Well, in the 2004-2005 school year, academics were just average and the Loudoun County Board of Public Schools
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literacy event final - Campos 1 Tyler Campos Cover English...

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