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Philosophy Paper 2 - Tyler Campos Philosophy Paper #2...

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Tyler Campos Philosophy Paper #2 905449556 CRN-94889 Philosophy Paper 2 What does it mean “to exist?” Many have tried to come up with a checklist or list of things to be proven or explained for something to be deemed valid. Aristotle was one of these individuals and proposed a group of four “causes.” The word “cause” in Greek is aition which directly related to a Greek word meaning “responsible.” By choosing his four atia , he did so to explain what is responsible for each thing in this world’s means of composition (Material Cause), the pattern that defines such a substance or thing (Formal Cause), the creator or thing responsible for something’s creation (Efficient Cause), or purpose for the creation of the object, person, etc (Final Cause). The most common way to explain how each of these “causes” prove existence of a particular object is by observing the statue. First off, the Material Cause is used to examine the composition of the statue. Using only the four elements sought of during the specific time period, the statue would be considered comprised of, say, marble. During this cause, the explanation was only intended be extended to the physical composition of the object or person in its simplest form. Second, the Formal Cause is used to describe the shape or pattern that the statue is taking shape of. Since this statue is being sculpted to resemble an individual person, the Formal Cause can be determined to be the person that the statue is being made to represent. Following the Formal Cause, the Efficient Cause is described as the key foundation of change. Aristotle intended this cause to have one consider what is responsible for the creation of the “thing,” if you will. When looking back at
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Philosophy Paper 2 - Tyler Campos Philosophy Paper #2...

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