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Explorations Of Our Digital Future Spring 2007 Project Assignments Written by: Jeremy Garrett, Edited Tom Walker, Copyrighted Jan. 2007 Assignment: Using your team number, determine which of the following set of customer needs your team has been assigned to develop a product for. Read and study the listed customer needs. Organize your thoughts and questions, so that when Milestone 2 is assigned you and your team will be able to begin as quickly as possible – in other words, it is your responsibility as an individual team member to make sure that you are aware of the details listed below so that when you meet with your team your meetings can be quick and efficient. (Again, there is nothing that you as a student have to turn in for this assignment – simply read and thoroughly familiarize yourself with the appropriate material, so that you don’t let your teammates down by being unprepared for your first Milestone 2 meeting.)
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Project 1 – A Product “Lookup System” (for large stores like “Super Centers”): For Teams 1 and 4 (of each workshop) A (short & inexpensive) preliminary survey has shown that shoppers at large “Super Center” type stores would like for those stores to have some type of device which will allow the shoppers to identify where in the store the products are – beyond the current methods of reading ceiling mounted signs with broad category markings for each aisle or asking an employee if they just happen to know from experience. This survey did not include the opinions of the store owners or store managers, but it can (at least as a
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Project_Assignments_Students_Copy_V1B - Explorations Of Our...

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