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Syllabus for EngE 1104 “Exploration of the Digital Future” 2006, Fall Mr. Jeremy “Jerry” Garrett Note 1: Quizzes maybe given at ANY time and are not listed in this chart. Note 2: Consider these dates to be “tentative” – the OFFICIAL due dates will be posted in the announcements in class and/or on Blackboard. Day Date Type Content / Topic Work Due Before Class Work Assigned This Day Mon 8/21 (both) Course description, course policies, and general introductions (verify notebook computer meets requirements & has MS Office & MatLab 7) (watch for announcements in class and on Blackboard) *Read chap. 1 of lecture text (important) *Read pages: 103-111 (on flowcharts) *Read: Tues 8/22 Lab 1 Lab 1 (Introduction to MatLab Programming) Lab 1 Report (and possibly a Lab 2 Warm-Up – watch for announcements) Reading Assignment – watch for announcements Install “Raptor” on your computer. Mon 8/28 Lecture 1 Lesson 1 (Chapter 1 – Engineering Design Loop / Process + Flowcharting) *Read chap. 1 of lecture text (important) *Read pages: 103-111 (on flowcharts) *Read: /wiki/Flowchart#Symbols_ _used_in_flowcharts Read chap. 9 of the lecture text Individual Product Idea Tues 8/29 Lab 2 Lab 2 (Using Raptor then MatLab)
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This note was uploaded on 09/19/2011 for the course ENGE 1114 taught by Professor Twknott during the Fall '06 term at Virginia Tech.

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Syllabus_for_EngE_1104_Fall_2006_Version_1A - Syllabus for...

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