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Welcome 1104 and 1204 students! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you, but only a few. We have an exciting semester ahead of us, but in order to achieve those exciting goals, I need to give you a lot of information and quite a few instructions. First, I need to describe, in writing, what software you need to install, and how to install it. Second, I need to describe, in writing, what is due next week, and how to submit your assignments once you have completed them. In addition all of that however, I want to explain the exciting topics that we will be covering this semester in the 1204 and in the lab portion of 1104 (which uses the same schedule as 1204). Mr. Garrett What Is Due Next Week: Lab 1 Report Lab 2 Warm-Up Installing LabVIEW How to Submit Lab Reports: There should not be any “digital dropboxes” available on any of the Blackboard sites associated with this course. If however you find one, NEVER use it – instead use the upload link that has been provided for you in the same folder that you downloaded the lab from. So for Lab 1, you will need to go to “Labs” / “Lab 1” and then click on “Lab 1 Report,” and then use the menu that opens up to select and upload your report (which must be a single, completed MS Word doc). Lab Report Format: As instructed at the beginning of each lab report, you will need to format your MS Word document the same as you would a formal or semi-formal handwritten report. By that I mean that the top of the first page must include your name, the title of the assignment, the date, and information on which class you are in (which should be the day and hour that your lab meets). The put in section or part headings and number your answers. For additional information, see the attached sample report. How to Submit Lab Warm-Ups:
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Welcome_1104_and_1204_students - Welcome 1104 and 1204...

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