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1 ENGINEERING EDUCATION ENGE1024 Engineering Exploration Randolph Hall Week 2 Workshop ENGINEERING EDUCATION Announcements Homework Policy: -no LATE homework accepted -will drop the lowest grade If you are still having issues with OneNote installation, please contact the College of Engineering SWAT team for help. The web site is: ENGINEERING EDUCATION Agenda • Collect Homework 1 – What You Should Know Sheet – Problem Set 1 • Contemporary Issues in Engineering – with sign-up • Teamwork • Design-build Competition • Problem Solving • One-Note (Activity Grade) ENGINEERING EDUCATION Intro to Engineering Presentations Presentations are integral to engineering. Engineers make presentations to secure funding, update progress of projects, and state results. Every time you make a presentation, you place your professional reputation on the line. From: ENGINEERING EDUCATION Contemporary Issues in Engineering You have been assigned to prepare and deliver a brief technical presentation in an upcoming Workshop. This assignment is intended to give you experience presenting to an audience. You will receive a HW grade after the completion of this assignment. ENGINEERING EDUCATION Contemporary Issues in Engineering • Work in pairs - or teams of three • Prepare to cover topic in 5-10 minutes • Remember your presentation date! Photo from “”
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2 ENGINEERING EDUCATION “Contemporary Issues in Engineering” Grading Rubric Student answered the audience’s questions adequately, was respectful of the audience. -Questions
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WS_ENGE1024_WS2_F06_student_version_6pp - Announcements...

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