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Exercise 7-13 (1) Visual Identity I do recognize the company or organization represented by the logo that was presented in the visual example. The logo represents the computer software called Apple. I was first introduced with this logo in school; it was introduced when we discussed Macintosh. Over time, the graphic changed although it does still remained very identifiable all over the world. It will always be associated with the company, Macintosh, in my mind because that was how it was first introduced to me. This symbol is very simplistic and is a picture of an apple, which is the name of the software. We can read and understand this image on four different levels: literal, textual, intertextual, and mythic. (Berger, A.,2008,p.26).
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Unformatted text preview: The basic design of the image, of the apple, had to be chosen so that their clientele and competition would always remember them. Apples had good and bad connotation. For example there is a saying that if you eat an apple a day you will keep the dentist away which indicated that you have good teeth. Nevertheless, there is also the connection to the apple being the forbidden fruit which could represent that they are not perfect either. When it comes to computer, well technology in general, they are always trying to provide something to make life just a little easier. It may not be perfect but the company will try to produce the best there it and that is why the image of the apple is so significant....
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