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ece603_midterm2_2002 - ECE 603 Probability and Random...

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ECE 603 - Probability and Random Processes, Fall 2002 Midterm Exam #2 November 20th, 6:00-8:00pm, Marston 132 Overview The exam consists of six problems for 120 points. The points for each part of each problem are given in brackets - you should spend your two hours accordingly. The exam is closed book, but you are allowed two page-sides of notes. Calculators are not allowed. I will provide all necessary blank paper. Testmanship Full credit will be given only to fully justified answers. Giving the steps along the way to the answer will not only earn full credit but also maximize the partial credit should you stumble or get stuck. If you get stuck, attempt to neatly define your approach to the problem and why you are stuck. If part of a problem depends on a previous part that you are unable to solve, explain the method for doing the current part, and, if possible, give the answer in terms of the quantities of the previous part that you are unable to obtain.
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  • DennisGoeckel
  • Probability distribution, Probability theory, probability density function, Cumulative distribution function

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