It could be true or not t 8 8 9 such that q t 0 q and

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Unformatted text preview: (c) In quadratic mean.  ¨£ ¥£ h ©§¦pi (d) Because the mapping from is not given explicitly, it is not possible to determine whether the sequence converges almost surely to . It could be true or not: t ˆ8  @8 &9 such that: Q ‡ @  t 0‘ Q and definition of   ¨£ ¥£ h ©§¦pi Give an 8 E&¨ 7 Q  0 Q  @ 8 gBE&¨ 7 such that: ‡ @8 &9  t 0‘gBE&¨  @ 8 Q Q7  and definition of . Q ¨©§¦pi £ ¥£ h  @8 g9 Give an does converge almost surely to t ˆ8  for which  0 Q  @ 8 gBE&¨ 7 t ˆ8  does not converge almost surely to converges in mean square to but...
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