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B in probability c in quadratic mean d almost surely

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Unformatted text preview: be sure to justify each answer. ‡„ )26¦†…ƒ(¦&¨   „£ ‚ y €&¨  v£ wQ ut r @8 #9 (a) In distribution. (b) In probability. (c) In quadratic mean. (d) Almost surely. for which: Q ‡ Q  @8 §9 3. Consider the sequence of random variables  t 0‘gBE&¨  @ 8 Q 7  0 Q  @ 8 gBE&¨ 7 @8 §9 ’’’ †††£ W £ U £ Q  7 (b) In probability.  (a) In distribution. t ˆ8  for . Determine whether or not the sequence converges to following cases. Do the parts in order and be sure to justify each answer. for each of the...
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