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BIO203_ChemComm - Castrati Once a common practice in Europe...

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1 Castrati Once a common practice in Europe and Asia to castrate young boys with exceptional singing voices to prevent the pubertal changes in voice; prized in church choirs First castrato opera star: Baldassare Ferri (1610-1680), in the court of Leopold I in Vienna Popularity reached a peak in 17 th and 18 th centuries Only recorded castrato: Alessandro Moreschi (1858-1922) Last performing castrato died in the 20 th century Castrati had the range of a soprano, but the greater development of the male lungs gave their singing remarkable power. Alessandro Moreschi
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2 HUMAN PHEROMONE COMPONENT Introduction to Chemical Mediation Life depends on successful regulation of the composition and volume of cells, and of organisms • cells – cytoplasm – organelles and organellar compartments non-cellular components – blood plasma – hemolymph – cerebrospinal fluid – interstitial fluid etc .
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