ECSE 322 - Fall 2008 - Outline

ECSE 322 - Fall 2008 - Outline - Computer Engineering...

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Computer Engineering ECSE-322A Fall 2008 COURSE INFORMATION: MWF in ENGTR 1100 , 11:35-12:25. INSTRUCTOR: Professor T. Arbel: email: “Tal Arbel” on the WebCT system. Office: McConnell Engineering Building, Room 425. Tel: 398-8204. Office hours: Starting on September 15, Mondays & Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm, McConnell Engineering Building, Room 425. Otherwise by appointment. Course information will be available on a WebCT site: Administrative information regarding the course will be posted there. Office hours of teaching assistants will also be announced there. You will need to establish a login for this page the first time you access it. GENERAL : This course continues the subject matter of ECSE-221 (Introduction to Computer Engineering), but stresses computer structure and use at the system rather than at the component level. The emphasis of the course is on data communication and protocols, as well as data buffering, storage and structuring principles. These principles are motivated by the characteristics of peripheral devices and the requirements of applications driving these peripherals. The course covers system level issues spanning both hardware and software, and the confluence of software and hardware. This confluence is two-fold: 1. the similarity between hardware and software in issues of data communication, buffering and structuring; 2. the hardware/software interface: an overview of operating system principles.
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PRE-REQUISITES : ECSE-221 ECSE-200 The course is a pre-requisite for: ECSE-425 (Computer Organization and Architecture) ECSE-427 (Operating Systems) ECSE-428 (Software Engineering) ECSE-525 (Computer Architecture) ECSE-526 (Artificial Intelligence) ECSE-531 (Real Time Systems) ECSE-532 (Computer Graphics) ECSE-543 (Numerical Methods in E.E.) ECSE-547 (Finite Elements in E.E.) COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES: During this course, the student will acquire basic knowledge in, and should be able to apply, in a design context, the following aspects of computer systems: o the major components of a computer system o the requirements of typical I/O devices from the point of view of average and peak data transfer rates, transfer protocols, and memory buffering o the classification and specification of simple bus protocols o the structure of a simple, general purpose I/O controller o the use of basic data structures and their associated algorithms o the relation between abstract data structure concepts and hardware concepts o the overall organization and general functions and mechanisms of operating systems.
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ECSE 322 - Fall 2008 - Outline - Computer Engineering...

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