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PHYS 214 - syllabus

PHYS 214 - syllabus - PHYS 214 Introductory Astrophysics...

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PHYS 214 Introductory Astrophysics Basic Info Instructor: Professor Andreas Warburton Offices and Phone: RPHYS 343 or 108; 514-398-6519 Instructor URL: http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/ awarburt Instructor E-mail: [email protected] Lecture Time: MTR 16:35 - 17:25 Lecture Place: RPHYS 114 Office Hours: Wed. 10:00 - 12:00 (RPHYS 343) or by appointment TAs: Gabriel-Dominique Marleau, RPHYS 227 Sangwook Ryu, RPHYS 314 TA E-mail: http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/people/grads-a.html Course Aims This course is aimed at science students , but no prior knowledge of astro- physics is assumed. Knowledge in physics and mathematics at the university entry level is, however, assumed and will be applied in the course. Non- science students who are interested in astrophysics, but lack the requisite preparation in math and physics, are encouraged to take PHYS 205/206, which are specifically designed for non-science students. The goal of the course is to give you an overview of our Universe. To unify the course material we will concentrate on the origin, evolution, and current state of the Universe. In doing so, we will also learn many general astrophysical and physical concepts with relevance to other scientific disci- plines. Prerequisites CEGEP Physics or PHYS 102 or PHYS 142 Textbooks Astronomy: A Physical Perspective Marc L. Kutner (Second Edition) There are no perfect textbooks for this subject area, as the field is one of active research and is therefore continually evolving. While I will attempt 1
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to give you all the required information in class, the textbook is meant as a supplemental reference.
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