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Course schedule outline - BME Modelling & Identification...

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BME Modelling & Identification Instructor: Prof. H.L. Galiana Department of Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Medicine Biomedical Modelling and Identification Credits: 3 Course number : BMDE-502 (Winter term) Graduate Level Jan 2005 Course Principal Instructor : Prof. Henrietta L. Galiana Course information: (3 credits; Prerequisite: Undergraduate basic statistics and: either BMDE-519, or Signals & Systems (e.g., ECE-303 & ECE-304) or equivalent). Methodologies in biological control systems with interactive sessions using real biological data in a Matlab environment. System themes include parametric vs non-parametric system representations; linear/non-linear; noise, transients and time variation; and relevant identification approaches in continuous and discrete time formulations. Why Model? 9 Verify designs before prototype stage 9 Gain basic understanding of a system 9 Summarize behaviour concisely 9 Test scientific hypotheses 9 Make predictions before interventions (clinic) 9 Make predictions after failures (lesions) 9 Evaluate functional limits of operation (biological or instrument) 9 Explore ‘linear’ behaviour at selected operating points 9 Only simulations can explore truly non-linear models Required: Access to PCs or stations running Matlab version 5.3 or higher, with Simulink Useful Reference Texts: Modeling of Dynamical Systems by Ljung & Glad (1994, Prentice Hall) Modeling with Differential and Difference Equations by Fulford, Forrester & Jones (1997, Cambridge Press) Mathematical Modeling and Digital Simulation for Engineers and Scientists by
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This note was uploaded on 09/16/2011 for the course ECSE 361 taught by Professor Franciscodgaliana during the Winter '09 term at McGill.

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Course schedule outline - BME Modelling & Identification...

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