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1 PSYC 305: Statistics for Experimental Design Winter 2011 Classes Lecture (STBIO S1/4) : M & W 4:35 PM - 5:25 PM Computer Lab (STBIO N4/17) : TR/F Instructor : Heungsun Hwang Office : W7/3N Telephone : 514-398-8021 Email : [email protected] Office Hour : M 2:30 – 3:30 pm TAs : Kwanghee Jung ( [email protected] ) Elia Nahas ( [email protected] ) Lixing Zhou ( [email protected] ) NOTE: This course outline is subject to change without prior notice. Prerequisite: Psychology PSYC 204 or an equivalent introductory statistics course. Course Description : This course aims to introduce students to the basic concepts of statistical methods for the analysis of the data obtained from experimental designs and other research studies. The course is hands-on, methodologically oriented. Upon completing this course, students are expected to have a working knowledge of the basic quantitative techniques and tools commonly used in psychology and other fields. Course Method: This course will utilize lectures and “hands-on” lab exercises. There are no textbooks required for the course. Nonetheless, the following books may be useful to facilitate the understanding of many topics/problems discussed in the class. Abdi, H., Edelman, B., Valentin, D., & Dowling, W. J. (2009). Experimental Design and Analysis for Psychology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ferguson, G. A., & Takane, Y. (1989). Statistical Analysis in Psychology and Education (6 th Edition). New York: McGraw-Hill . Field, A. (2005). Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (2nd Edition) . London: Sage Publications. Keppel, G., & Wickens, T. D. (2004).
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PSYC305_Syllabus_2011W - PSYC 305 Statistics for...

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