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OPEN BOOK AND NOTES TEST I ECSE-464 POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS Thursday, March 3d. 2005 Prof. F.D. Galiana (l) Ifthe symmetrical components ofa set ofphase currents are f,,, = r.) ffr Lr. in per unit and draw its phasor diagrarn tv lu.)l tl lr I tosl L- -l per unit, lo [szrf (2) The impedance matrix of a thnee-phase load i. si"e" uv ,ll j : 1l* Does rhis conespond to a balanced load? Prove your answer by analizing the pilse voltages lO that result when you apply balanced currents to the load, one type at a time, starting - with zero sequence, then positive s€quence, then negative sequence. (3) The series impedance matrix of a three-phase transmission 735 kV, 2000 MVA line is ohms. Find the base impedance. Find the impedance matrix in symmetrical components in ohms and in per unit. (4) Consider the positive sequence equivalent ofa lossless transmission line with series impedance j0.5 pu. The voltage nr,agnitude at the sending end is I pu" while the receiving end voltage is denoted by V in per unit. Find the rnaximum real power in pu I O
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IGEE402_Galiana_Winter_2005_Solutions_to_Midterm - OPEN B...

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