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IGEE402_Galiana_Winter_2005_Midterm - OPEN BOOK AND NOTES...

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OPEN BOOK AND NOTES TEST 1 ECSE-464 POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS Thursday, March 3 rd . 2005 Prof. F.D. Galiana (1) If the symmetrical components of a set of phase currents are 012 0.5 1 0.5 I   =  per unit, find abc I in per unit and draw its phasor diagram. (2) The impedance matrix of a three-phase load is given by 521 142 214 j pu. Does this correspond to a balanced load? Prove your answer by analyzing the phase voltages that result when you apply balanced currents to the load, one type at a time, starting with zero sequence, then positive sequence, then negative sequence. (3) The series impedance matrix of a three-phase transmission 735 kV, 2000 MVA line is given by 13 0 2 0 1 0 10 1 30 20 20 10 1 30 jj j j j + + + ohms. Find the base impedance. Find the impedance matrix in symmetrical components in ohms and in per unit. (4) Consider the positive sequence equivalent of a lossless transmission line with series impedance j0.5 pu. The voltage magnitude at the sending end is 1 pu, while the receiving end voltage is denoted by V in per unit. Find the maximum real power in pu
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