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ECSE-464, POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS MID-TERM TEST FEBRUARY 15, 2007 OPEN BOOK AND NOTES TEST. EACH QUESTION IS WORTH 15 POINTS FOR A MAXIMUM OF 90. PROF. F.D. GALIANA 1) A power system consists of two generators with capacities of 400 MW and 500 MW and unavailability of 0.1 and 0.2 respectively. If the demand is 700 MW with a 0.35 probability and 500 MW with 0.65 probability, find the loss of load probability in hours per year. Find the unconditional expected load not served and the conditional expected load not served given that some load has been shed, both in MW. 2) Consider a balanced grounded Y-connected three-phase admittance load. The branches of the Y have admittances of –j S, while the ground branch has an admittance of 1 S. Find the sequence networks of the load by first finding the Y-matrix in phase coordinates and then converting it to symmetrical component coordinates. 3) Find the symmetrical components of 1 abc V j j = pu. Draw a phasor diagram showing how the symmetrical components add up to the given phase coordinate vector.
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