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ECSE 464 B, POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS MID-TERM TEST OPEN BOOK AND NOTES ALL SEVEN (7) QUESTIONS HAVE EQUAL WEIGHT FOR A MAXIMUM OF 70 POINTS Thursday, February 16 th 2006 Prof. F.D. Galiana (1) The demand in MW in a power system is given by ( ) ( ) 100 3 sin cos dt t t ω =++ where /24 π = radians per hour, and t is in hours. For the time interval [0,24] hours find the load factor of this system. (2) A lossless power system has three generators each with the identical capacity of 100 MW. The unavailability of each generator is known to be 20%. Find the loss of load probability when the system demand is 250 MW. (3) For the same power system as in (2) calculate the expected load not served in MW. (4) Consider a three phase load made up of resistors, inductors and capacitors. We conduct an experiment on the load in which we inject a set of phase currents given by, 11 abc Ia ⎡⎤ ⎢⎥ =+ ⎣⎦ amps Then, we measure the corresponding phase voltages and obtain, abc a Va a = volts Is it possible that this load is balanced? Or is it impossible? Explain your reasons.
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IGEE402_Galiana_Winter_2006_Midterm - ECSE 464 B POWER...

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