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ATM 10 - as altitude increases in the stratosphere 3 4 a...

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Darren Pinder ATM 10 HW Set #1 Oct 7, 2009 1. 2. a) All layers of the atmosphere at some point have temperatures equaling 240K. This temperature occurs at 10km (thermosphere), 25km (stratosphere), 62km (mesosphere), and 105km (thermosphere) above the earth’s surface. b) The temperature curve becomes isothermal at heights 11km, 50km, and 85 km above the earth’s surface. c) The reason for temperature rise is due to the ozone layer in the stratosphere. As we move beyond this layer nothing is blocking UV light, which is the reason for higher temperatures
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Unformatted text preview: as altitude increases in the stratosphere. 3. 4. a) Although the suns may be the same the difference is that long wavelengths of light pass through and scatter in our atmosphere. b) The normal color of the sky on planet Z would be red/ orange during the day c) The color of a sunset on this planet would be blue/light purple depending on particulate concentration....
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